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 Adorable Hypoallergenic Dogs

Dogs always give us laughter, joy, and beautiful memories when we spend with them, but sometimes they can also give us allergic diseases like hay fever, dermatitis, or asthma. Allergies are caused by our immune system that has become hypersensitive to outside substances that are harmless. In essence, cells in our immune system encounter a substance in our body or skin, which determines that it is dangerous for us when it is harmless, and then initiates an inflammatory response to protect us. What about Adorable Hypoallergenic Dogs

What does it mean when the dog is hypoallergenic?

Dogs can cause allergic responses in certain people. There is a common myth that the dog’s hair is an allergen. A group of proteins in the dog’s skin, saliva, and urine called canine familiarise allergen that causes the allergic reaction. These allergens are spread with the dog’s hair coat when it grooms or licks himself, and they can get into the environment when the dog sheds its hair or dander.

How to reduce dogs’ allergies

  • Keep the dog out of the bedroom, especially for anyone with asthma.
  • Always use an air cleaner, and be sure to service it or replace it at regular intervals
  • Never allow the dog on the furniture
  • Vacuum the house and carpets regularly
  • Wash the dog regularly, not more than once a week, but be sure to use a shampoo specifically that is specially made for dogs and not regular soap that ordinary people use
  • Regularly clean the house and ensure that we don’t allow dust to accumulate.

Types of hypoallergenic dogs

  • Airedale
  • American hairless
  • Australian silky
  • Bedlington
  • Border
  • Boston

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